Meet the Owners:  John & Angela both grew up in Maine.  Each had a love for recreation & the outdoors, which lead them to work in the bike & ski department at LL Bean, where they met over 20 years ago. Once they coupled up, their adventures were endless.  Riding bikes, hiking, backpacking in the White Mountains, sea kayaking, all while living in a cozy tent on their friends property, saving money to move to Jackson Hole Wyoming.


Their love for back country skiing brought them back to Jackson Hole many times! Even for one season living in their 1986 4x4 Ford Diesel van enduring subzero temps with their favorite ski bum dog, and residing in the best parking spot ever (the bottom of the Tram parking lot). After an amazing go of winter van camping John & Angela thought it would be nice to have a home base and purchased a piece of mountainside property in Bethel, where the two designed & built their off the grid, solar powered, 24x24 timber frame cabin.




When the couple found out there was a babe in the oven, they were very excited about this new chapter of their life, but also realized it was time to get “real jobs” and the Green Machine Bike Shop was born and so was their daughter!

The Green Machine Bike Shop opened it's doors on Main Street, Norway Maine in April of 2012, their daughter was born in October.  The small mom & pop was built with the couples passion for bikes, their sweat & tears, and a small amount of savings to open up their first few bicycles accounts.  John being in the bike business and a master mechanic for many years, still had some tricks up his sleeve & few good industry connections that paved the way to where they are today.With the recent purchase of the National Historic L.M. Longley building in 2016, the couple moved the Green Machine Bike Shop one block down the street.  John and Angela plan to be on Main Street for many years to come, servicing the bicycle & ski community, advocating for bike trails & safer roads and restoring the historic integrity of their new building.